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Best deal on a motel room is the Fleetwood Motel located at 1301 N. Harrison in Shawnee.  Cheap, but clean,  with TV and phone service. Double or triple up with other students in one room and your stay will cost less. Call the manager, Kiran (K-i-r-a-n), at (405) 273-7561.

Other Motels close by:

Hampton Inn - 405-275-1540  (Pricey)

Range Motel - 405-598-2133  (Reasonable & close by)

Days Inn - 405-275-6720  (Reasonable)

Cinderella - 405-273-7010  (Pricey)

American Inn - 405-273-2000  (Reasonable)

Motel 6 - 405-275-5310  (Reasonable)

Super 8 - 405-275-0089  (Reasonable)

Shawnee Motel - 405-273-3524  (Reasonable)

Budget Inn - 405-275-8430  (Reasonable)

Ramada Inn - 405-275-4404  (Pricey)

Other Facts:


Will Rogers World Airport is located 35 minutes from Shawnee in Oklahoma City.  Students arriving from out of state or out of the country can utilize our free pickup service. Click Here to check out flight and other information.

Oklahoma City-Shawnee area map.

Oklahoma City-Shawnee Area Map

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