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Drilling Fluids Engineering Technology

Course Content

Introduction to Rotary Drilling: Origin of Petroleum, Drilling for Petroleum, Producing Petroleum

Functions and Testing of Drilling Fluids:  Density of Fluid Weight, Viscosity, Sand Content, Liquid and Solid Content, Hydrogen-Ion Concentration (pH), Filtration, Chemical Analysis

Engineering Data and Calculations in Mud Work: System Volumes, Pump Outputs, Solids Analysis

Composition and Properties of Clay-Water Muds: Clay Chemistry, Factors Affecting The Yield of Clays

Flow Characteristics and Gel Strengths:  Rheology, Chemical Treatments

Filtration and Fluid Loss Control Agents:  Factors Affecting Filtration, Additives for Filtration Control

Polymer Technology: Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Types, Polymer Application

Inhibitive Muds: Calcium Treated Systems, Lignosulfonate Systems, Salt Systems

Chemical Contamination: Contaminants, Symptoms of Various Contaminants and Treatment

Solids Control: Techniques, Equipment

Hydraulics: Particle Slip Velocity Calculation, Reynolds Number Calculation, Annular Pressure Loss Calculation

Lost Circulation: Causes, Preventive and Corrective Measures, Mud Additives and Squeezes, Procedures

Stuck Pipe: Mechanically Stuck Pipe, Causes, Preventative Measures

Differentially Stuck Pipe: Causes and Symptoms, Preventative Measures, Methods and Techniques to

Free Stuck Pipe

Shale Problems: Characteristics and Composition of Shale, Pressured Shales, Stressed Shales, Mud Making

Shales, Erosion of Shales

Pressure Control: Origin of Pressures, Pressure Indicators, Basic Science, Preplanning, Types of Blowout

Control, Kill Procedures, Special Problems

Environmental Concerns Relating To Drilling Fluids:   Regulations, Onshore, Offshore, Health, US

and International, Waste Disposal Options

Hydraulic Fracturing: Methods And Rates Of Recovery v. Conventional Production, Environmental

Concerns, Community Group Efforts To Impose Legal Restrictions, Power Of The Oil Lobby

Trends: Proposed Infrastructure, Pipelines, Storage, Processors, Market Flow

Competitive Mud Products: Current Catalog, Research and Development

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