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Career Outlook

The search for fossil fuels is a never ending process. Oil companies  continue the hunt for new oil and gas reserves all over the world. New technologies have enhanced recovery of reserves and new fields are being discovered every day.   Excellent opportunities exist on land and offshore all over the world, including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alaska, and other states.

Upon graduation we provide a list of student names to mud companies in the US. We've never known a mud engineer who knew his stuff and couldn't find a well paying job. You can do it too.

Starting Salaries

Starting salaries vary with each company and with your experience. If the only experience you have is graduating from Oklahoma Mud School, you can expect to start around $40,000 per year.  As you gain experience in running different types of mud systems, your salary will climb. Engineers with as little as 5 years experience can command salaries up to $80,000 per year. If you run mud in the Middle East and the like, you could earn big bonuses and perhaps be able to take advantage of sweet tax situations. The IRS can provide you with more information on working overseas.

There are two ways to hire on with a mud company.  As a full time employee or as a consultant. Full time mud men receive a salary, benefits, car or truck, and an expense account.  Consultants, on the other hand, receive a higher pay rate, but are responsible for their own expenses, taxes, and do not receive benefits.  These options will be discussed in class.

Attention: Women and Minorities

Women and minorities are encouraged to investigate this exciting career! Companies in this field are always looking to hire women and other minorities to diversify their employee base.  There are not enough minority applications for mud engineering and most companies will give priority to them. Don't miss this opportunity!

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