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US Mud School trains students to become highly paid drilling fluid engineers in just four weeks. Also known as mud men, mud engineers formulate, test, and treat the drilling fluids on oil and gas rigs. Graduates of this entry level drilling fluids engineering course earn a certificate and are qualified to manage the drilling fluids on rigs searching for oil and gas worldwide.

Class Dates

Scheduled class dates are published on the HOME page of this web site.


Tuition is $3,000.00 US. One half of the tuition is due with the application and can be paid in the following manner: (1) if paying with a credit card call OMS at (405)598-6063;  (2) by check or money order made out to Oklahoma Mud School and mailed with the enrollment application to: Oklahoma Mud School, 21700 Quailwood Run, Tecumseh, OK 74873. The remainder of the tuition is due on the first day of class and can be paid by credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Attendance Policy

The course runs for five weeks. Mon-Fri 9-4:30 pm and Saturdays 8-12 am, for a total of 182 contact hours, therefore it is critical that students make every effort to attend every day, all day. However, we realize that unforeseen events happen and people do get sick. OMS will work with students who miss class for any reason. Evenings are always available to make up missed lecture or lab time.

If a student is more than thirty minutes late for class on any given day he will be charged with a tardy. Four tardies shall constitute one day of absence and will require evening makeup time. A partial day of absence shall be charged for any period of absence during or at the end of the day and will also require the student to do evening makeup time. Students who accumulate more than 3 consecutive days or more than 15% of total clock hours without doing makeup work, will be terminated and issued a refund based on the school refund policy.

Student Termination Date

The termination date for calculation of all refunds is the last day of actual attendance by the student. OMS requires notice of cancellation to withdraw in writing. Failure to notify the school in writing will result in a $25 penalty (refund is reduced by $25). If the student is below the legal age of 18, a parent or guardian must notify OMS in writing.

.OMS Cancellation & Refund Policy

Rejection: An applicant rejected by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid. Three Day Cancellation: All monies paid by an applicant will be refunded if requested within three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment. Subsequently, if an applicant withdraws after the three day period, prior to attending classes a $150.00 handling fee will be deducted from the refund.                                 

First Week: For a student terminating training after entering school and starting the course of training, but within the first week, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 10% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00, however, in no event shall the amount retained exceed $350.00.

After First Week: For a student terminating training after one week but within the first 25% of the course, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 25% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00.                                              

After 25%: For a student terminating training after completing over 25% but within 50% of the course, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 50% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00.                                                          

 After 50%: A student completing more than 50% of the course is not entitled to a refund of any tuition. Special Cases: In cases of prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances that make it impractical to complete the program, OMS will make a settlement, which is reasonable and fair to the student and the school.

 Leave of Absence/Vacations/Holidays

OMS does not observe any holidays or allow any vacations while school is in session. We try to schedule around holidays when possible.

 Prerequisites for Enrollment

There are no prerequisites for entering the program. However, a student should have the ability to benefit from the training.


Tuition: $3,000.00 US   The tuition is all inclusive and covers the costs of manuals, laboratory, teaching and learning aids, and fees.  There are no other costs

  Course Content/Contact Hours

Introduction to Rotary Drilling: Origins of Petroleum, Drilling for and Producing Petroleum  - 10 hours

Functions and Testing of Drilling Fluids: Density of Fluid Weight, Viscosity, Sand Content, Liquid

and Solid Content, Hydrogen-Ion Concentration (pH), Filtration, Chemical Analysis - 66 hours  

Engineering Data and Calculations in Mud Work: System Volumes, Pump Outputs, Solids Analysis - 6 hours

Composition and Properties of Clay-Water Muds: Clay Chemistry, Factors Affecting The Yield of Clays - 6 hours

Flow Characteristics and Gel Strengths: Rheology, Chemical Treatments, 6 hours

Filtration and Fluid Loss Control Agents: Factors Affecting Filtration, Additives for Filtration Control - 6 hours

Polymer Technology: Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Types, Polymer Application - 6 hours

Inhibitive Muds: Calcium Treated Systems, Lignosulfonate Systems, Salt Systems - 6 hours

Chemical Contamination: Contaminants, Symptoms of Various Contaminants and Treatment - 6 hours

Solids Control: Techniques, Equipment - 6 hours

Hydraulics: Particle Slip Velocity Calculation, Reynolds Number Calculation, Annular Pressure Loss Calculation - 6 hours

Lost Circulation: Causes, Preventive and  Corrective Measures, Mud Additives and Squeezes, Procedures - 6 hours

Stuck Pipe: Mechanically Stuck Pipe, Causes, Preventative Measures - 6 hours

Differentially Stuck Pipe: Causes and Symptoms, Preventative Measures, Techniques to Free Stuck

Pipe - 6 hours

Shale Problems: Characteristics and Composition of Shale, Pressured Shales, Stressed Shales, Mud Making Shales, Erosion of Shales - 6 hours

Pressure Control: Origin of Pressures, Pressure Indicators, Basic Science, Preplanning, Types of Blowout Control, Kill Procedures, Special Problems - 12 hours

Environmental Concerns: Regulations, Onshore, Offshore, Health, US and International, Waste Disposal Options - 7 hours

Competitive Mud Products: What is being used in the field and why. - 7 hours


Week 1: Monday-Saturday: Terminology, Introduction To Rotary Drilling,   Functions and Testing of Drilling Fluids, Introduction To Laboratory Procedures, Chemicals, Safety, Testing of Drilling Fluids.

Week 2: Monday- Saturday: Terminology, Engineering Calculations, Composition & Properties of Water-Base Muds, Rheology, Flow characteristics and Gel Strengths of Drilling Muds, Mud Products, Build and Test Mud Samples for Contaminants.

Week 3: Mon/Wed/Fri: Terminology, Engineering Calculations, Composition and Properties of Drilling Muds, Rheology, Polymer Technology, Inhibitive Muds, Filtration   & Control, Introduction to Oil Base & Synthetic Fluids, Lost Circulation, Stuck Pipe, Shale Problems, Pressure Control, Introduction to Uuderbalanced Drilling. 

Tues/Thurs/Saturday: Build and Test Mud Samples, Contaminants, Treatments, Mud Products.

Week 4: Mon/Wed/Fri: Terminology, Engineering Calculations, Composition and Properties of Drilling Muds, Rheology, Solids Control, Hydraulics, Introduction to Drilling Fluids Computer Software, Corrosion Control, Environmental Concerns, Offshore Technology.

Tues/Thurs:  Build and Test Mud Samples, Contaminants, Treatments. 

Saturday: Graduation

If there are drilling rigs running in the area, OMS will attempt to see that everyone gets the opportunity to visit a rig and check the mud on site. Sometimes this may not be possible.

Students will spend 182 hours in the classroom.  Lab hours are spent building and performing chemical checks on contaminated mud systems.  Considerable time is also spent working with OMS drilling fluids software.

 Satisfactory  Progress, Incomplete, and Withdrawals

Student's grades will be recorded at the end of each weekly session. A student who is not making satisfactory progress at the end of a grading period will be placed on probation for the next grading period.  If the student on probation achieves satisfactory progress for the subsequent grading period, but has not achieved the required grades to achieve overall satisfactory progress for the program, the student may be continued on probation for one more grading period.

If the student fails to achieve satisfactory progress for the first probationary period, the student's enrollment will be terminated.  A student whose enrollment is terminated for unsatisfactory progress may not reenter the program until the next regularly scheduled class.  Progress reports are available to students upon request.


A student who withdraws but is not entitled to a refund (see Cancellation & Refund Policy above), may request the grade of "incomplete" if the student withdraws for an appropriate reason unrelated to the students' academic status. A student who receives a grade of "incomplete" may reenroll in the program during the 12 month period following the date of withdrawal and complete the remainder of the course without paying additional tuition.

No Employment Guarantee

OMS and its representatives do not promise or guarantee prospective students or students, employment with any company, for any period of time, or for any rate of pay, under any circumstance. No exception.


See Cancellation & Refund Policy above

Students are graded on written examinations and laboratory assignments each week.  Grades are posted in the student's file each week and are available for student or sponsor inspection during regular business hours. Grades are expressed as follows:

A - Superior (90-100)

B - Good (80-89)

C - Average (70-79)

D - Passing (60-69)

F - Failing (Below 60)

Satisfactory progress - A minimum GPA of 60 is considered passing.

Student Conduct Policy

Students are required to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.  Students who violate Federal, State, or local laws regarding drugs, alcohol. or weapons will be terminated. No alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind are allowed on or near the school or any other facility or place where students may be visiting. Any knife with a blade longer than 3" is considered an illegal weapon in Oklahoma. A student terminated for violation of conduct policy will be terminated immediately and will not be allowed to reenter the program. Terminated students will also be disqualified from receiving our free financial reimbursement for travel expenses.


Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of the goods or services obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds hereof. Recovery here under by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor.

Student Grievances

Student grievances should be submitted to the Administrator, who in good faith will attempt to resolve them.

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